Changing project format

I’m sorry if this is a really dumb question, I’m just starting to use Scrivener.

I started a story in short story format, but after some more plotting this doesn’t seem to work so well anymore, I think it would work better in novel format. Is there a possibility to change between those templates, without having to start a new project and copy everything in?

I’ve been searching around the tutorial, the FAQs and the forum for a while, but can’t find anything about it. :blush:

There is rarely any cause to start over with a new project template once you’ve created a project. Project templates are essentially starting points for folks who want some ideas on how to get on with the program. More of a learning tool than something you need to use to get certain benefits from, like a Word template. Everything about them can be copied between projects or created from scratch—for the most part they are just some pre-fab Binder items like the document templates (character sheets, etc.). The compile settings are nearly all available as stock “Format As” presets (for example, “Standard Manuscript Format”).

If you really do want to use the Novel template though, you could create a new project off from one, and then use File/Import/Scrivener Project… to merge in all of your existing material from the old project and discard or set it aside once you’ve done that. You’d end up basically where you started however. :slight_smile: