Changing project

I did a quick search for this topic and didn’t see anything, excuse me if this has been covered.

On my Mac, I can close a project then open a new one. The old project closes and is replaced by the new one. In the Windows Beta version, when I close a project it closes Scivener completely. When I re-open it the project is still there. I can add other projects, but cannot seem to open a new project and have it replace the one I just closed. Have I missed something?



The project window is also the application window at present, so unless Scrivener is set to open the template chooser when no projects are open, closing all the projects effectively closes Scrivener as well. Apparently it was a Mac/Windows user-expectation difference. There’s a thread about it here:

Anyway, suffice to say there should be an option to let you do what you want, but it’s buggy at the moment and will be fixed with the next release. For the time being, just work in reverse–open the new project first, then close the old one.

Thank you, I have changed the option and it now gives me the option of opening a project when I start.