Changing ribbon board for just one folder

I wish I could attach a screenshot in case I’m not using the correct terminology when I say “arrange by label/ribbon board.”

In my project, I have a folder that has a corkboard view that is “arrange by label.” It looks like a ribbon board with the files on multicolored horizontal ribbons. There are seven labels/ribbons.

In another folder, I’d like to have the same view, but I need more than seven labels. If I add more there, will I be adding more labels to EVERY arrange by label board? Or just the one in that folder?

This view shows all of the labels that are defined in the project, no matter what you are looking at (it can be a folder, it can be two cards you’ve selected, etc.). This gives you the ability to drag cards to any label as you need to. Labels in general are project-wide, not folder specific.

So in case that isn’t clear, the ribbons are the labels. If you go into Project ▸ Project Settings..., under Labels, you can directly change the colours, order and names and that will impact the same on the Arrange by Label view.

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