Changing Save Location?

Is there a way to change the save location of a project after it’s been created? I can’t quite figure it out.

I am new to Scrivener, as well.
I looked in my documents folder and found a folder with my project name with the extension “.scriv”.
This is the folder holding the files. Do not change anything in the subfolders. You can rename this folder but keep the .scriv extension.

I made a project folder in my documents. I called it Scrivener Projects. Then I created sub folders for each of my projects.

Then, I copied the above _____.scriv folder into the appropriate folder.

After that, I opened the _____.scriv folder and double clicked on the Scrivener Icon. This opened Scrivener and my project thereby setting the path for my project file.

Or, you can open the project by choosing Browse and following the path to the folder holding your project. In this step, you select the ______.scriv folder not the sub folders. The project should open.

You also can use Save As to make a path and folders to save the project into.

I have a number of projects in each of their folders.

Nice thing about Scrivener is that each project opens into its own window, so you can have a number of projects open at once and go between them. I find this useful as I do bits and pieces on more than one project. While in on project and I get an idea for another project, I just pop over and do it. Then, hop back again.

I use Scrivener on a quad core computer running Windows 7. So far everything has been working well.
Hope this helps you.