Changing scene in fullscreen view

I would like having the chance to move from a scene to another in the fullscreen mode, instead of reading a chapter or a paragraph, switching to normal view, change scene, switch to fullscreen again.
Could it be possible? :wink:

Hi, see the FAQ for ways to do this. Basically you can either use the menu (View > Editor > Go To - a bit nested at the moment but I hope to make it more easily accessible in the future), or you can select several documents in the binder before entering full screen and then use the cmd-[ and cmd-] keys to navigate between those documents in full screen.

Thanks a lot :wink:

This second not working for me (Leopard 10.5.2 here); first one works fine thanks :wink:

Here is a step-by-step:

  1. Select the first document you wish to edit in the Binder
  2. If the rest are all in a group, you can use Shift-click to select a range. Otherwise use Cmd-click to select a scattered group of documents
  3. You should have a “Multiple Selection” Corkboard in the main editor, and several documents picked in the Binder at this point
  4. Press Cmd-Opt-F to enter full screen mode (or click the toolbar button)
  5. The first document is shown. Press Cmd-] to select the next. Cmd-[ will go back to the first.
    <— Argh! Why does the forum keep adding a second list close! :imp:

That’s the way I made it but now I know why it didn’t work: I’m Italian and obviously use the Italian keyboard layout! As soon as I switched to the American one it worked… my fault :wink:
Thank you for your anwer :wink: