Changing Scenes to Chapters

I’ve almost finished my book but instead of having 50 chapters, I have 1 chapter and 49 scenes. I always hit the green button thinking I was starting a new chapter instead of a new scene. Does anyone know how to change the scenes to chapters? How do I make each one a folder? Also, Is there a way to break down the 50 chapters in to 4 parts?

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Chapter vs. Scene is all a matter of preference and compiler settings, I think. For my work, I use folders as chapters and documents as scenes, and that’s how my compiler settings are set up. In my current book I have two layers of folders, which gives me parts.

Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 9.31.57 AM.png

Then in the Compiler I have:

Since I’d rather have “Chapter One” instead of “Start of Term” I use the following under Formatting > Section Layout for the Level 2+ folder:

It can get crazy complicated. Read the chapters on Binder and Compiling in the manual.

If you want it structured into parts and then chapters, and each of your files is a chapter, then create folders for each part at the first level (at the same level you probably have the first folder), and move your chapter files into each of the part folders they belong to. Then in the compile settings, select the “Paperback Novel (With Parts)” from the Format As: drop-down. That will be a good starting point, from which you can begin to customize everything for your style of organization.