Changing scratch pad font

I understand this is somewhat unrelated, but is it possible to change the font size of scratchpad? I use it all the time but in the last year or two (sigh) have found it increasingly difficult to read the text. I know it’s possible to change the background color, but nothing I’ve tried works to make the text of the notes or the note titles larger and more legible. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

Scratch Pad, Project Notes and Document Notes all use the same font settings for new notes you create. The setting is in the Formatting preference pane, under, Notes font.

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I’m having trouble with this.

My Scratchpad is set to TXT so I can import from an iOS notepad.

When I change the font in Preferences>Editing>Notes, the changes take in the Notes panel, but not in the Scratchpad. I’ve quit and relaunched, and deleted all Scratchpad items. The Scratchpad still shows tiny type.

Is there a way to change the default font/size in the Scratchpad when it is set to TXT?

For plain text, the scratch pad will use the standard system fixed pitch font and there is no way of choosing another (nor any plans to change this, sorry).

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Is there a way to make it any larger? (Maybe changing a defaults file in the Terminal?) On a high-res screen, it’s effectively illegible.

I tried changing the Scratchpad setup to RTF, but when TXT files are dropped in its folder, they still come up in the tiny font.

I wish it worked the way it says on the tin: Notes Font: used for document notes and the Scratchpad.

The Scratch Pad responds to the global View ▸ Zoom ▸ submenu options, as well as the shortcuts for increasing and decreasing magnification.

Thank you.

I couldn’t get this to work. With the Scratchpad active, and even with text highlighted, invoking the Zoom commands or Cmd-> results in Scrivener zooming one of the editors. Even if another app is frontmost and active.

What am I doing wrong?

Right! I forgot that was only added somewhat recently, and is in the internal testing build I’m working with. So keep a post-it note for that idea until 3.1 is released (and that should be soon).

For the benefit of anyone else who wishes you could drop a text file into the Scratchpad and have it converted to a properly formatted RTF file, I’ve found a solution.

OSX has a built-in shell script command called textutil that can convert one text file or a whole folder of them to RTF with a single command:

textutil -convert rtf  -encoding UTF-8 -font Futura -fontsize 18 "<input path>" -output "<output path>"

This command will take a text file specified in , convert it to RTF using Futura 18 as the font, and save it to the . (Please note that you must enclose the path (or variables containing the path) in double quotes so that textutil will honor any spaces in the folder or file names.)

You can use textutil commands in automation, using Keyboard Maestro, Hazel or AppleScript.
The simplest way I found was to trigger the automation whenever a file is added to a separate Dropbox folder for incoming text files. I built the output path so it saved the RTF file into the Scratchpad folder. Once textutil finished the conversion, the automation would trash the original TXT file.

The textutil manual is here.

Hope that helps.