Changing Selected File color

I’ve been playing with the color settings in the Windows Beta but there are two colors I can’t seem to change. They are different between themes, though, leading me to believe there is a way and I’m just not seeing it.

The two colors that pop up when you select a file (the light grey, and bright blue below).

The first one is not changeable except by theme. I don’t know where it’s set in the theme file, but you can edit a theme file outside of Scrivener. The .Scrtheme file is in reality a zip of 4 files that can be unzipped, edited (by hand; I suggest a decent programming editor, as it’s QT code), and (should be) saved as a new theme.

I’m not sure which element that is, but if you try changing them one at a time, you’ll eventually find it. It may not be just that one element, either; changing that element may mean changing several others in the same class.

The second one changes with the Binder background color. Or is supposed to. I think there’s a place in the theme file(s) to set it, but I wouldn’t swear to it.

I believe you can add new color definitions to the palette, but they’re also set in the .prefs file, so be careful.