Changing Space and Font Type/Size

I’m using 024 version, exporting to/importing from Word 2007. My hardware is Intel core 2 duo 2.33 Ghz, 4 gigs RAM, running windows 7 64 bit.

I cannot change the line spacing or the font type/size using Options/Appearance or Editor. Imported text files stay the same as they were typed in Word (New Times Roman 12) and do not change to the default (Courier 12). New text file type is the default (Courier 12) but I cannot change it to anything else.

The double spacing in the imported text files cannot be changed to single, nor the new text files be changed from single to double. So depending on whether I imported the file or created the file in Scrivener, I have different fonts and sizes across files.

I would like to see a Timeline Function so that the plot can be mapped out over time to track the chronology of individual characters and the overall story.

Otherwise I’m terribly excited to be using Scrivener. It was the one writing program I wanted but didn’t want to buy a Mac. Held off buying when I saw you had the beta for download.

any chance of this feature being implemented sometime in the future?
I would also love a timeline as a have a complicated “parallel universe” story I’m working on.
And it’s challenging to keep everything on track. I tend to remember visual information better than text.

Read here:

You might want to search for the word “Timeline”