Changing spacing erases divider line

Working in a Scrivenings session, if you select text across documents and change the spacing, the divider line between them vanishes. The documents are still seen as separate, and ending and restarting the session will bring the line back; also changing other formatting can bring it back (though not, apparently, Convert to Default Text Style). I’ve also gotten this a few times when changing the font across documents, but not consistently; with spacing, it happens every time. This only happens with the normal divider lines, not with the crop marks–the ticker seems to be selecting the line and changing spacing, which isn’t possible with the crop marks.

With the default divider line set for Scrivenings sessions,

  1. Open a Scrivenings session
  2. Select text across two documents
  3. Change the spacing

The line disappears. You can just select the line in step 2 and change spacing on it and it will vanish.

Given all the tech difficulties of working with the divider lines, I don’t know if this is something fixable or not, but it seemed a little odd that I managed it just changing the font, too. No console messages.

Nothing really wrong with it, either–you can keep working and it’s all normal as far as I’ve seen–but it can be disconcerting since you lose visual indication of the division and you can also set your cursor on the line and then not be able to type (since it’s actually the break).

Eek! Reproduced and on the list - thanks!