Changing style of an entire manuscript

I’m trying to add paragraph numbers to an entire manuscript (which is already complete). I know how to add paragraph numbers to a given style upon compile. However, the entire text of my manuscript is currently in the “No style” style. As far as I can tell, I can’t modify the “No style” style to have paragraph numbers. So, I’ve defined a new style that I now need to apply to all of my text. However, my text is broken up into a zillion little sections. Is there a way to change the style of all of the text at once, without manually going into each section, hitting “select all”, and changing the style?

Thanks very much for your help.

Some RegEx in project replace maybe.
I can’t help with that. Best I can do is hint at it.

That’d be so much simpler if they could just add the possibility of numbering paragraphs in the section layout’s formatting…
Styles have it, it shouldn’t be so hard.
We’re constantly told “don’t use styles all over your body text”, but yet…

One of the nice things about using “no style” is that you can easily bulk apply a style to all of those paragraphs using the compiler, and from there you can take things as you would to insert the numbering into the style’s prefix field.

Here’s a how-to on paragraph numbering that I put together a bit ago, with the details.

Hi AmberV,

Thanks for your help. Please ignore my deleted post. I was able to figure it out using your instructions. I appreciate your help.