Changing style removes italics etc.

I was just wondering, as I am copying and pasting stuff from other apps into Scrivener, I’ve created a shortcut for the Block Quote style, so either I paste and then change style to Block Quote, or I change style and then choose Paste and match style.

But it this process, I also seem to remove stuff like italics, colors, underline and specific “sub formatting” in the text I’m inserting. This is not what I wish to do. I see that this might sometimes be very useful, but right now I would like to keep stuff like italics in the text I’m quoting.
Is this possible somehow? Can I edit the style definition to not override stuff like underline and italics?

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

You can certainly change the formatting presets so that they only apply to paragraph elements, and not to character elements as well. See chapter 14 of the manual.


Okay, so redefining presets from selection, choosing only to save paragraph style, not character attributes — seemed to do the trick … thanks! :slight_smile:
Reading The Fine Manual certainly helps sometimes … :open_mouth:

You’ll want to avoid Paste and Match Style in this case, too, as that literally just pastes the clipboard contents as plain text, meaning it strips italics, bold, etc. from the original text, regardless of how you’ve saved the preset. So paste first, then apply the formatting in order to preserve the character attributes.

Ah, good tip, thanks! :slight_smile: