Changing Styles for "next style" or color box options

Is it possible to edit a style outside of the “redefine” right-context button menu? I cannot figure out how to change what style follows the one in question or change the colour box associated with the style. How do I do that without completely recreating it and deleting the old one? :question:

Can I ask what’s wrong with redefine (which I don’t see as a right-context button menu, only under Format->Style->Redefine Style From Selection)?

It seems perfect for this (see this post thread, particularly Devin Ganger’s reply which helped me a great deal!)

I think what was wrong was my brain when I was looking at that. Thank you for your response, I must have needed an extra expresso that day! :laughing:

You’re quite welcome.

I, myself, have gotten so much help on this forum, it’s always a pleasure to help someone else in return.