Changing surname in manuscript page header

I just started using Scrivener, and I have one thing I can’t figure out…
The very first time I started a project, the title page automatically populated with information from my computer, and it was wrong. But, I can edit the title page.

However, when I compiled and exported as a manuscript PDF, the top of each page has a header with

surname / title / page #

But, mine has the wrong surname. How can I change it?

I changed the name of my Mac, and can’t find anywhere that has my computer registered as, or named, “My Mac” which is what it is using as my name, so that my page header look like

MAC / title / page #

Is this a trial thing that will change when I register my copy of the program? Is there a setting I can adjust?

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Scrivener just takes the name from how it’s entered in Address Book, so if you open that application you can adjust your name there to the correct one. Other programs may make use of that too, so it’s worth updating.

You can also edit your header by going to the “Page Settings” tab in compile–click the triangle button to the right of the Format As drop-down menu if you don’t see a bunch of options in compile. You’ll see the <$surname> tag in one of the header fields; this will pull the name from Address Book, as I said, so it should be right the next time you compile after you’ve updated Address Book, but if you don’t want it in the header at all, or want to change it to something else, you can just modify that here. Under Help>Placeholder Tag List… you’ll see a bunch of other variables that you can use, or you can just type in what you want manually.

Oh my god. That is so simple. I can’t believe I didn’t think of the Address Book. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

The manuscript page header doesn’t automatically populate the fields of name/address etc. when your address book is synced with Google. Is this a known thing? Is there a way to fix that little issue? Not that I mind typing in my info, but I was just wondering if it works for anyone else that is synced with Google.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

That’s just because we only look in the Apple Address Book, using the public Address Book APIs. That’s the most obvious place to look, and it’s not really possible to look in all possible places. However, in 2.1, there is a new setting in the meta-data panel (the one where you currently edit labels and status) which allows you to set the author name and project title, and these settings are used instead of the ones in Address Book if present.

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Does that also include address & phone number info? The last time I created a project from template, I ended up with my work phone and/or email and/or address (it’s been a while, I just remember correcting the data).

No, these settings are just for Compile and only so only contain name and title info. Address and telephone number are mainly just used on the default title page, so you can edit them to whatever you wish; in Compile, though, it’s often better to use tags to make it easier when switching between formats. Adding customisable address info in the project wouldn’t really help seeing as the information is placed in the title page before you get chance to enter the information.

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When will 2.1 be released? I checked for updates and it says 2.0.5 is the most current release. Thank you!

Today! To coincide with Lion.

No “Thanks” button? Well, let me just say it then, THANKS!!


Thank you. :slight_smile:

how about where is the “address book” why is it just presumed that people know all the things about scrivener. A couple questions I have gone into these forums and there is an explanation like “its in the address book.” And that’s it! Like, how about ‘and here is where you find the address book to make the updates.’

Any help? Please. Even the tutorial videos are too much fluff and repetitive without going through the program itself and being like ‘Hey, here is where you do this, here is where you do that, click this and then see this arrow over here, click on that.’ Where is that kind of help please?

The address book is a feature of MacOS, not of Scrivener. You can set up a system-wide address book, and then Scrivener will pull from that. At some point, L&L has to assume people know how to use the basic operating system (or how to find help on how to use the operating system).

Simple! This thread’s last post was in 2011! At some point after OS-X Lion, “Address Book” was changed to “Contacts”.