Changing Templates

I had a great idea for a short story. So I opened a new Scrivener project, gave it the Short Story Template, and started writing. Two thousand words later, I get to the inciting incident, and it slowly dawns on me that this is not, in fact, a short story, but a novel.
Is there a way to change the template to the Novel Template without creating a new project, or looking at a Novel Template and manually adding chapter folders, taking out references to short stories, etc.?
I’m not that far into the story, so either of those options would not really be difficult, but on the other hand, I think that short-stories-turning-into-novels is a thing that happens to a lot of writers, and I think something like this would be nice, if it doesn’t already exist …
(Maybe a Change Template similar to a Save As, in case you want to adapt your novel as a screenplay?)

There’s not a way to do this with a “change template” sort of command. The thing with templates is that they’re basically just projects, and the information stored in them is not special in any way. So folders and documents and such that are in the binder of a template are just the same as folders and documents that you create. Scrivener has no way then of knowing how to change your in-progress project to a different template–how would it rearrange your binder? (Would you really want it to, after you’ve worked to organize it yourself?) How would it know which folders to delete and which to add and which to rename? And so on.

Like you said, you’ve got a couple other options for switching templates:

  1. Create a new project with the story template, then import your current project into that. [Not entirely sure if this is doable yet in Windows? I’d have to check later when I have a Windows VM running.]
  2. Create a new project with the story template and just check it out to see how it’s laid out, what the statuses and labels are, etc., and add to your pre-existing project any that seem useful.
  3. Create a new project with the story template and drag and drop between projects ot get what you want. [This isn’t available in Windows yet, but drag and drop should be coming soon, it sounded like?]

Templates are really just there to help you get started. Some people use them extensively, and some are incredibly intricate; the novel and story ones really aren’t, though, so it should be fairly easy to make a change if you want. More to the point, you’re likely to make a lot of changes of your own anyway as you get going, to modify the project environment to your own needs. You might then create your own template from what you develop with your story/novel organization and use that for future projects. The main thing is, don’t feel confined by the templates. Change them up yourself as you go and as your writing grows.

Wow, what a lecture. You can so tell I’m procrastinating. :wink: