Changing templates

So I got deep into creating a novel template before I realized I was not on the “novel” style template, which limits what I can do as far as character/setting creation. Is there a way to convert the template or export it to a new template so I can be work with the features associated with a novel setting?

Thank you.

As far as I know, you can’t change a project to a different template after you’ve created it, but you can create a new project using your chosen template and then drag and drop all your files from the old project to the new one (Binder to Binder). Scrivener will create a duplicate so your files will exist in both projects at once.

Speed up the process by placing all your files into a single folder first.

Alternatively, do it in reverse - create a project in your chosen template and drag and drop the files you think you will need (character / setting files) into your existing project.

There’s nothing in a template that prevents you from making changes to the resulting project to suit your needs. If it can be done with Scrivener, the project/template can be altered to that end.

What is it that you need to do with character/setting? What aspects of Scrivener are you trying to use (document templates, custom meta-data, compile settings, etc…)?