Changing text colour in binder

As part of my work flow I organize my binder into ‘story days’ that sometimes contain things like flashbacks or events that are referenced in multiple scenes.

Because of this I often use keywords when labelling folders and text pages.

I am wondering if it is possible to change the text colour for things like the keywords or entire text page labels so I can more easily find them.


View>Use Label Color In> Binder>Show As Background Color In Binder


I am actually trying to ‘highlight’ text words in the Binder - for example - make the word ‘highlight’ red in the previous sentence.

AFAIK, you can only make global changes to the text style of the entire binder. The label color is the only way I know to change the color of individual binder items. You can also change the icon.

I’m unaware of any way to change the color of individual words in the binder.

Thanks… I was surprised that I couldn’t make text colour changes since it’s such a simple action.

I have designed a bunch of custom icons that I use in conjunction with label colours and that works ok.

Presumably the document title field in the Binder is just a plain text field, not Rich Text. So, no text decoration of substrings would be possible – no underline, no bold, no highlight, no alt font.