Changing text formatting?

Hi there, I have just recently upgraded from Scrivener 1 to 2. In the “old” Scrivener, the preset formatting for the documents was the Optima font, and paragraphs were automatically separated by a space. I see that this is different now in Scrivener 2 - the preset seems to be Cochin font and there is no spaces between paragraphs. Seeing that I have been writing with Scrivener for quite a few years now I am used to the old look and would like to set my new projects in Scrivener 2 the same way.
This is probably a really dumb question, but how on earth do I do this? I know I am supposed to go to the Scrivener preferences, but when I do that and look under “main text style” everything is greyed out, and even if it weren’t I don’t see where I can change the font for your main text. I have also looked on the main toolbar for the projects and can see there where you can change the font for that project, and I have discovered “other” under the spacing button for paragraph spaces, but …could you tell me what I am supposed to enter in order to make the change I want ie two line spaces between paragraphs? In other words it has “paragraph spacing before____ points, after _____ points”. I don’t understand what that means, or what numbers I’m supposed to put in there. :blush:
Thanks for your patience and your help!

The easiest thing to do would be to load one of your older projects that has the old default formatting, put your cursor in any of the paragraphs, then load Scrivener/Preferences/Formatting and click the Use Formatting in Current Editor button.

Then you should be done. :slight_smile:

You could set it up by hand though if you wanted. In that “Other” palette you refer to, you would enter a certain number of points in the “Paragraph spacing… after:” spot. I don’t know what the number should be, that depends on your preference. Try 8 or 12 or so and play around with it until it looks good to you. The font selection button is the italic capital ‘A’ button, second from the left.