Changing text size in document notes

This is regarding the ‘Document Notes’ box that appears below the index card when you click on the ‘Inspector’ button.

The text size in the document notes is just like the default everywhere else, but I seem unable to change it. Is it possible? Should it be possible? If it is possible, how does one do it? Because the normal font ‘Bigger’ does nothing. I hope it’s possible… that tiny little text hurts my pretty eyes. :slight_smile:

You should be able to change it through the Format > Font menu. If Bigger/Smaller doesn’t work, click on Show Fonts and choose a larger size from the right hand column.


I see no “Show fonts” option

Sorry, I didn’t notice that this was a Windows tech support question; your ID shows Mac as your platform.

I’m not sure how the Windows version is set up. In the Mac version, you open the Format menu, then click on Font, then click on Show Fonts. That opens a Fonts palette, from which you can select type face, style, and size.


Yea, I can’t figure out how to change my platform option from Mac. shrugs

Top of the forum page, click on “User Control Panel.”
At UCP, click on “Profile.”
Bottom of Profile page has a platform change button.