Changing text-styles


Actually, I am Still using Word 2010 to write my novel - the change to Scrivener is a little bit difficult for me, so I hope, you may can help me a little bit.

My Problem:

My novel is written, now I just want to work out some more scenes, edit a little bit and so on. I’ve already found out, how to import a docx file to scrivener, and I also found out, how to cut the whole text in different scenes.

BUT: How do I set text-styles? For example: I prefer to WRITE my novel (on PC) with text-style Arial . When I print it, I would like to be able to change the style in times new roman.
I am still using the test-version of scribus, because I still don’t know, if I could get warm with this programm. In the test-version, I’ve found out, that I can set the Style settings, BEFORE I load a document in the project. But there seems to be no way, to change the style afterwards. Sure, I can select with strg+a the wohle text in my actual scene und change so the text style - but my novel has about 20 scenes, and it’s not very practical, to change in 20 scenes the style settings.

I know Word - there its simple: I select everything with strg+a and I just have to changethe the text-style once.

What can I do? Or is there no possibility? If so, that would be - for me - a handicap I can’t accept.

Under Tools->Options->Editor, you can set up your writing font & paragraph settings.

When you compile everything back into one document, you can specify the output fonts and paragraph spacing to anything else you might want.

Following setting the default formatting as Robert described, you can select one or more documents in the binder and choose Documents / Convert / Formatting to Default Text Style to change them to the new formatting. You’ll have some additional options to limit the scooe of the conversion before it completes.

You can also use Ctrl-A to select all the text in a document and then adjust them with the format bar and ruler (both can be toggled from the Format menu). That can only be done for a single document at a time, but if you haven’t yet split and want to use formatting other than the default, it’s a simple method.