Changing the color of comments for compile to PDF

Hi, I tried searching for this, but don’t seem to be getting the information I am looking for. I am compiling a document to PDF to share with a colleague who doesn’t use Scrivener. I need my colleague to be able to see the comments I have made in my Scrivener document. However, when I include comments in the compile, they are a lightish brown color that’s somewhat hard to see/read in my opinion. Anyone know how to change the color of the text for my comments? And can it be a document-wide change, or even a compile format setting in case I need to do it frequently? Thanks!

Scrivener 3.1.2/OS X 10.14.3

May I ask – which kind of comments are you using? Inspector comments or inline annotations?

Silverdragon—thanks for your response. Your question encouraged me to see what I could do with annotations, which I hadn’t been using, but I can see that I can adjust the formatting of annotations in the way I had been asking for inline comments. Anyways, thanks again—your question actually answered mine! :smiley:

Glad I could help!