Changing the color of the active text/folder in binder

I know this is staring me in the face but I just can’t find it in the manual or the options. Thanks!

Do you mean applying a label colour? Right-click the document and then choose the colour from the Label menu (it will be renamed appropriately if you’ve change the name of this field, e.g. to POV or such). You’ll also need to enable View > Use Label Color In > Binder or Icons if you haven’t yet.

Thanks, MM! Label colors I know (and love!). I mean the color of the active note/document in the binder, which is now highlighted with a light gray background. Thank you!

Oh, just the active/inactive selection highlight? That’s all handled by your Windows settings, whatever theme colours you’re using. There’s nothing in Scrivener to set this.


I have gone through my Windows settings and have tried a variety of themes and color settings and for the life of me i can’t figure out how to force the light gray background color of the active document within the Binder to change via a Windows setting. If anyone has successfully resolved this issue I would appreciate being advised more specifically as to achieve the desired result. I am running both Windows 7 and Windows 10 laptops. As I am somewhat visually impaired, being able to see the active document highlighted more distinctly would be a great help. Thanks.

One thing I’ve noticed is that once I click on a document in the binder, it is immediately highlighted with a faint bluish gray color, even if the document is by default otherwise highlighted with a label color. It is faint but I can still see it good enough to know that it is the selected document. However, once I click into the editor or outliner (or any other focus outside of the binder), the background color of the the selected (active) document disappears and a white background appears. The issue with my eyes causes me at times to have to view the screen with one eye. Thus, when the background color in the binder turns white, I find myself somewhat disoriented and distracted.

Is there a setting somewhere that I could have changed that might be causing this to occur?

i’d love to know the same thing… its impossibly hard to see/figure out which folder i’m in the highlight is so faint : ) :frowning:

i don’t think it’s controlled by windows… because no matter what crazy color scheme i pick there… it never affects the highlight grey color in scrivener…

feel like an idiot… but the workaround i did for my eyes/brain… is changing the binder background color to something that will make it stick out more : ) works for me…

Thanks. The workaround appears to improve the visibility of the active document in the binder. Would prefer to simply be able to change the background color of the active document itself rather than having to settle for binder background colors that I don’t necessarily like or prefer. But at least I can now see which document is active. I appreciate the suggestion.

Lovely idea. The standard Binder background is not terribly appealing anyway, and changing it to a pale cream yellow is more attractive (to me!) and lets the active item stand out clearly. Thanks!