Changing the Default style

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Apologies if this was mentioned elsewhere, couldn’t find this asked before.

How does one go and change the “Default” style in Scrivener (beta 2)? I’m referring to the Default font style that you can apply to a section of text.

I don’t mess with creating my own styles… I would prefer to just modify the “Default” style for an entire document.

Even in word I prefer to create my own template with the “default” or “normal” style set with my own font sizes.

I see the text editing section in Preferences and perhaps I’m not using it correctly. I appear to be able to change the default behavior of new documents but if I convert a document to “default” style, it loses all its formatting. So, I’m wondering if I can set “default” instead.

Is this possible in Scrivener? Could it be an option in future releases, if its not already?

I am not sure what you are expecting of the word ‘default.’ The behaviour you explained, and what you witness in Scrivener is as it should be. You make a new document, and it uses the default settings for font and layout. When you change the file, it doesn’t go back and alter every document you’ve ever made in Word. It really is not different. Perhaps you are thinking that a Scrivener project is more like a single document in Word? Think of it as an organiser for many documents, because that is precisely what it is. That is why you have to go back to older documents (from before changing the default) and reset them manually.

And yes, this does destroy some formatting. I believe this is due to a limitation in the way Apple’s text system handles fonts, but I could be wrong about that. If you have extensive styling, I recommend changing the font manually in the document itself. As long as the target font has the required variants, bold and such will be retained. Note that even Apple’s own implementation of bulk style changes and favourite font changes will erase prior formatting.

Thanks for the response.

Apologies for not being more clear.

If I go into preferences, under the Text Editing group and then modify “General Text Attributes”, it doesn’t change the “Default” style.

If I modify the general text attributes, all new documents will have the new formatting.

If i then go back to an old document and manually switch that document back to the “default” style, I end up with the default style, not what I have set in general text attributes. It’s as if “default style” and “general text attributes” are two different “styles”.


So, since you can modify “general text attributes” I wondered why you couldn’t modify “default style”.

Does that make more sense?

Ah! I see what you are saying now. That should not be happening, you are correct. The way it works for me, “Edit>Convert Format of Selected Documents/To Default Format,” changes the documents to match the preferences in General Text Attributes. It is strange that this is not happening for you.

Try making a new blank document, change the font to something weird, and then run the change to default command. Does it still not work?

If it still changes it to some default other than what you have specified, then there might be a bug. Just out of curiosity, what is the font you have set for your default?

Hmm, I have a feeling that you are talking about two separate things. :slight_smile: Akyi, if I understand you correctly, you are talking about using the “Default” style listed in the styles pop-up menu in the ruler - am I right? If this is the case, then you are correct is assuming that this is indeed a completely separate thing from the default formatting you set up in Preferences - as it should be. Text styles are actually system-wide, so if you modify or create a style in TextEdit, it will be available via the Styles dialogue or pop-up in Scrivener, and vice versa. So, if Scrivener modified the “Default” style in this list to match its own default text formatting, when you next opened Text Edit, it would suddenly use the style you set up in Scrivener rather than the standard Helvetica 12 pt - not good.

If you want to change documents to use the default formatting set up in Preferences, select the documents in the binder and then go to Edit > Convert Formatting To… (or whatever it’s called - my MacBook has been taken in for repair so I am just about to move my files over to my old iBook and can’t check the exact wording right now). This will enable you to change styles in the way you wish.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Ah, you just made my day…

Yes, if I create a new scrivener file, it works as you describe. (Woohoo!)

Now I just need to fiddle with my 300,000 word project and figure out why its being so strange… I wonder if it is because it was an imported file?

Thank you!!!

p.s. Optima Regular… 12pt.

Thanks, I think Amber nailed it. For some reason, when I did as you described abve (convert formatting to default font) it would strip the formatting completely (as if I were converting it to the “default style”. When I started a new scrivener file, functionality returned to normal.

I guess it was either operator error or a bugged file…? Anyway, I’m creating a new file for my project and everything is working swimmingly. Thank you!

Very strange… Glad you got things working, though now I am worried that there may be a bug in this area.

I have five or so scrivener documents converted from SG and I have now gone through all of them. None exhibit the behavior I described.

I would chalk this up to me doing something wrong today. I’ll blame it on the flu…

I’m not sure what I did but unless someone else has the same problem, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Thanks. :slight_smile: