Hey all,

I’m new to Scrivener and I’m loving the program so far. I have a question about the title page. It seems to be automatically listing my personal info there, but it is not the info I want on the page. I know I can manually change it each time, but I was wondering if there is an option for me to adjust and format my personal info to my liking and have that version show up on new documents instead. During my expeditions through the various preference windows I failed to find anything that could do this. Also, I’m wondering where the program gathers the information in the first place. Is it off of my apple registration? Thanks in advance, forum people.


It takes the information from your Address Book, so you just need to edit your personal information in Address Book (the program on your Mac in your /Applications folder). Address Book information is available to programs on your Mac for exactly this sort of thing (it’s not shared externally or over the network or anything, but is just used by programs for automatically filling in your address where necessary). I believe Address Book is automatically filled with whatever information you first entered when you first set up your Mac, which is probably why it’s showing old information.

Hope that helps - glad you’re liking Scrivener so far!

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Yep. That did the trick. Thanks!