changing the default type setting

This may be a pedantic question but is there a way to change the font type to another one than is programmed into Scrivener? I’m not fond of Courier.


This is discussed in this article. The third paragraph is where it starts to go into setting up the default formatting.

I found that I changed the default font as described in the article, but it still reverts to Courier. What am I doing wrong?? :unamused:

The only thing that might cause Courier to be enforced despite your formatting settings is scriptwriting mode. Have you toggled that on for your documents by accident? Check their icons, and if the pages look like 3-hole punched yellowish paper, you are in script mode. Hit Ctrl-4 to toggle that off for each document.


Thanks for the suggestion, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. It’s not a big issue, but new text documents always seem to revert to Courier. Strange…

If you go to Tools > Options and open the Editor tab, what font is set there? That should be defining what font is used for any newly created documents, so I’m wondering if there’s something problematic with the font you chose instead of Courier. Are you getting this in a brand new project as well?