Changing the dictionary in WinScriv

In another post I was part of a discussion about updating the and links accessed in Scrivener for Windows via the Tools menu and by right-clicking on a word in the Editor.

The following website page details how to ago about switching those two references to the Collins online dictionary and thesaurus instead (American English versions, since it was Marta’s request and that’s where she lives :slight_smile: ). … scrivener/

Works like a dream!

I’m actually surprised it hasn’t resulted in a couple of requests for different links, but it seems that only a very small percentage of the readers of this post have bothered to click the link.

Seems like you are a lone visionary, Marta! :smiley:

I work the thesaurus like a mule, searching for the exact word in a sentence that gives me not only the best definition, mood and visual but the best rhythm for that specific sentence

I have a hard copy thesaurus, naturally. but right-clicking a world is so much easier
I am in your debt. :slight_smile:

N’ah. I got a website post out of it, so I reckon we’re even. :slight_smile:

“I’ll dance at your wedding,” as my grandpa used to say…