Changing the file "style" for transfered content

How do I change files in my document to match the style of the template?

I created a new document (a novel) using the Template chooser. I opened another document (a script) and then copied all the files from the existing document to the new document’s binder. (I decided the story would be better as a novel than as a screenplay). I want to convert all those scenes (there are about 40 of them) to conventional text. That is I do not want the scriptwriting helps of “Scene Heading”, “Action”, “Character”, etc. The rulers need to be changed too. There seems to be no way to convert the copied over files to conform to that of the new document. Either that or it has some unobvious name.

I found a subsidiary problem after copying over the files from the script document unfortunately “New Text” creates a scene element not a conventional text file.

So how do I force Scrivener in this novel format document to a) convert all the copied files to be conventional text and b) make all new files be conventional too?

Okay so after much messing around I eventaully found what I needed was Format > Screen Writing > Script Mode - Screenplay (Cmd-8), which flips the screenwriting mode. Took me a long time to realise this was the appropriate feature.

Also took me longer still to realise that it needed to be used not on the files but the enclosing folder. Oddly that folder came in from the Novel template not the original script one.