Changing the header when printing

Hi there,

I’m not even sure if this has to do with Scrivener itself or if it belongs only to the printer options, but since I’m stuck on trying to solve it I thought that maybe someone in the forum could give me a hand…

When I print some part of my draft the header says: xxxxxx.scriv - 3/24/07 13:00. (xxxx for the name of the project, of course.) Is there a way to change it? I’d like, for instance, to include the title of the text or omit everything.

– MJ

There is no way to print the header when printing individual documents. The header is just there as a reminder of which project you are printing, as the print feature is just intended for rough print-offs when printing individual docs. The Export Draft feature is intended for your final, formatted version, and you can therefore change the header when printing or exporting via Export Draft.


Thanks, Keith.

– MJ

I don’t know if I’m supposed to or not, but I print from Export Draft all the time without continuing to export to another format. This isn’t ‘hurting’ anything, is it?

Not at all. If you’re happy with the formatting Scrivener provides via “Export Draft”, then you don’t need to do any more. It’s only if you want more sophisticated formatting that you need to send your exported draft via a word processor.