Changing the level of a folder/text in the binder

In previous versions of Scrivener you could click on a folder in the Binder and Move left, or right, to change its level within the structure. I don’t seem to be able to do that now and only have the option of moving a folder to a different section - Manuscript or Trash or whatever. My current layout is to have Chapters as Folders under Manuscript, and Scenes as text files within each Folder. Somehow (and it happens whenever I want to move a chapter/folder) the folder I want to move refuses to go left, into the existing ‘chapter’ column and will only sit within the chapter immediately above it. So currently I have chapters 6 and 7 sitting inside chapter 5 and they will not be moved. If I ‘move to’ Manuscript, they’re placed at the bottom of the chapter list but on the same level as before, and dragging and dropping them upwards will not shift them into the correct column. I can’t find anywhere in help to help with this - what am I doing wrong, and why can’t we have the old Move left/right option back?

You don’t say what version and you’re not posting in the Beta forum, but I’m guessing you mean the Beta anyway. I typed “move” in the Help box, which led me to what you see in the attachment.

However, when I tried to reach the same thing a minute later, those options were missing. I went back to the help box, they were present but greyed out, clicked here and there, and the options were back. I suspect they’ll appear and disappear randomly. Definitely a user interface glitch.

You may find the shortcuts always work — or not. I can’t be sure, since I’m running Windows on a Mac under Parallels, and the keyboard translation isn’t always good.


After updating to the Beta Version 20, I can no longer mover text or files within the Binder or add internal bookmarks. This happened to me before, a few weeks, ago, but I thought it had been the result of my trial expiring. I have since purchased the software. The last time it happened, it came back on it own the next day. This time it has already been a couple of days and the problem persists. What is the issue, here?

When I say Move, I mean “grabbing” a text or file and using my cursor to move items up or down the Binder. Now I only seem to be able to use the Move function under Edit. Since Scriven adds imported items to the bottom of a group, this has become very tedious.

Sorry for the looooong delay in replying - I forgot to check whether there were any answers to my question. Oops. Anyway, yes, I’m using the latest Beta, which is now a couple of iterations from when I posted the question. I discovered that you could move folders in the Binder by using the keyboard shortcut Ctr-Left/Right arrows. Trying the software just now, I see that the Edit-Move- menu item has returned to offering Left, Right, Up, Down. I’m pretty sure (because I think I would have tested) it used to show in recent Betas the same menu choices as are now available in Documents-Move to- i.e., Move to a different section in the Binder, like Research. So it seems all fixed now. Thanks anyway!