Changing the look of titles etc.


I am using the Scrivener Manuscript template and need to add a prologue. I have read quite a few of the answers on the forums and I have tried both their suggestions to alter things in the Binder (nothing changed) and in the Compiler (again nothing changed - the manuscript format looked the same in Preview when I checked it).

Now as I am a newb to Scrivener and just want to keep things veeerrry simple, could anyone tell me if it is even possible to make these changes. I also want to change the look of the chapter headings but I think that might be a step too far, i.e. instead of ‘CHAPTER ONE’ I would like ‘One’ etc. :confused:

You’re going to have to be quite a bit more specific with what you did/chose, and what you changed for anyone to address the specific problems you’re having, but I can address a couple that seem to be in your post.

To change the chapter numbering (from “CHAPTER ONE” to “Chapter One”, or even “Chapter 1”, go to File->Compile->Formatting. Find the kind of document and level that matches your chapter dividers. In other words, if you have folders at “level 1” in your Manuscript folder that represent where a chapter starts, then chose the level 1 folder icon row in the compile’s formatting section. Then click on the Section Layout button. You’ll see something like this in the Prefix box: CHAPTER <$t>

Change the constant part however you like “Chapter” or "CH: " or whatever you like. To change the numbering scheme, visit Edit->Insert->Auto-Number and choose the numbering scheme that appeals to you, then replace the old <$t> part with the new numbering symbol thingy.

Hi Robert

Thank you for trying to help me but I am now panicking big time. I tried to make the changes as you suggested and nothing changed except I now have a Chapter One heading above my Chapter Two heading that I cannot get rid of.

This is how my binder and compile screen etc. look at present:
Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 19.10.24.png

I think I would like to just do away with anything fancy and get it back to ordinary chapter headings, even if the prologue is headed chapter one.

I was using the Manuscript template but had simplified it to each chapter as a piece of text rather than breaking it down into scenes. I just wanted to keep it so simple posting.php?mode=reply&f=2&t=23877# but it is all turning into a bit of a nightmare.

My guess is that one of the other rows in your compile settings is set to add “CHAPTER <$t>” or whatever the right code is, to all level 1+ non-folder documents. Click on the other rows and see if they display “CHAPTER ONE” in the example text box.

If you can’t get that to work, you can start over by selecting “Paperback Novel” or “Standard Manuscript Format” from the Format As: compile window setting, depending on if you want something closer to a finished (self-published) print-out, or something close to what most agents/editors want in a submitted manuscript.

Also, if you move your Prologue to a “Front Matter” folder (you can create one anywhere outside the Draft folder), and then in the compile “Contents” section, choose it in the "Add from matter: " drop-down list. That should prevent the front matter from getting “Chapter ONE” added to each document/folder therein.

Hi Robert

Many thanks for getting back to me and persevering with my problem - I have now juggled everything and, thanks to you, now have it looking the way I wanted, with a prologue … yay!
I have simplified everything and have customised it so that it works with just the items I want and none of the complicated stuff.

What’s the betting I’ll be back on the forum panicking again before long?

Bless you!