Changing the number of characters in the Synopsis?

I am using Scrivener 3.1.2 om MacOS Mojave. It works great. I have one question: can I change/ increase the number of characters visible in the Synopsis?
Sometimes the Title of the paper I add to the project is too short to give any deeper meaning about the content of the paper itself, but in these instances I often find that the selected text I then add will not show in full length.

It would be nice to have some control. I have looked in the manual but not found any hint
kind regards
Palle GreyT

Document > Auto-Fill > Set Synopsis From Main Text gives you a set number of characters copied to the synopsis and as far as I know that is not adjustable.

BUT, if you select some body text first, the very same key command gets this function: Document > Auto-Fill > Set Synopsis From Selection which will copy whatever you select into the synopsis of the doc.