Changing the <$pageGroupParentTitle> in header of page?

How can I change the <$pageGroupParentTitle> in header of page under page settings? Thank you for any help!

Click on it and change it?

I’m not sure where? Under Page settings?

It sounded as if you knew where it is already.

I realize I’m an idiot. I meant how can I change it to ALL CAPS?

You could try capitalizing the placeholder name (which works for some things … $W vs $w for instance), but I suspect it won’t work for this. If not, you probably have to capitalize relevant section names in the Binder.

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If do that it changes the formatting of the other elements, hmmm. So strange right?

What other elements?

Capitalizing the placeholder didn’t work as you suspected. But if I change the capitalization of the binder that changes the name of the chapter (section title). I appreciate your kindness and support!

Of course. The Binder name is the name.