Changing the path where a project is stored

I know when you create a new project, you are prompted with a suggested path where the project will be stored (in my case, /user/Scrivener stuff/project (did I do that right or are the slashes in the wrong direction?) ). However, since I now plan to use Scriv for numerous projects other than just writing, I’m thinking a hierarchical storage system might be easier to navigate–i.e. user/scrivener stuff/novels; user/scrivener stuff/house plans; user/Scrivener stuff/kids etc. etc. You get the picture. So, is it possible to move the storage path of existing projects to, say, a sub-directory?

I’m sure I’m screwing up terminology here, but hope I’m getting the basic idea across.

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In finder do to /user/scriv stuff and create your new folders. Now move “project.scriv” to the correct folder.

That should get it for you.

So if I manually change the location of the scriv project, Scrivener itself will know to save it to the new location?

Yes, because it will be opened from the new location (be sure to move it while Scrivener is closed, although it should work anyway).
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Ahh, so Scriv saves a project wherever it opens it from.
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