Changing the search color

Could anyone tell me how I change the default color that Scrivener uses to search for a word? At the moment, if I search for a word (let’s say I search for the word ‘bird’) Scrivener shows me the word ‘bird’ highlighted in yellow. If the word happens to be in a comment, then the yellow of ‘bird’ doesn’t stand out at all from the yellow of the entire comment.

I once stumbled on a way to change the highlight color to blue, but it only changed to blue in the document area, not in the comments area.

I’m not attached to the comments being yellow, so if there is a way to change all of the comments to, say, blue all at once, then I’ll be happy with that as a resolution instead.


Most text selection (outside of the main editor) will use the system default, as set in General System Preferences pane toward the top. By default that will be blue, but perhaps you changed it to yellow?

Yes, that is possible. You can select all notes in the Inspector with Cmd-A, and from there you can right-click on the selection and choose a different colour. For multiple documents, use Scrivenings mode.

Thank you! And it was so simple too.

At the risk of forking this thread. I have a related issue in that when I search for a word, Scrivener no longer shows that word in highlights, or jumps to the part of the page the word exists, unless I explicitly type Cmd+G. This behavior is new, and I’m wondering if I mistakenly turned off the auto-highlight/auto-seek by accident. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

It has never changed your scroll position in the past, you’ve always had to press Cmd-G. As to the rest, maybe you are typing in the editor and have set the option to remove search highlights when editing? That’s in the Editor preference pane in the upper left. I suppose you might also change the search highlight colour to white in appearances, which would effectively render them invisible in most scenarios.