Changing the Spacing after periods throughout Manuscript

Hi, there. I’ve written my entire manuscript adding two spaces after every period instead of one. Is there a way to correct that (search and fix double spaces) throughout?


The best way is to load up each document and then use Format > Convert > Multiple Spaces to Space. You could load up all of your documents in Scrivenings mode to do this, too. I recommend backing up the project first, just as a precaution (although it shouldn’t be necessary).

All the best,

Thanks, Keith. How do I load up the entire document and convert the formatting for the whole thing? I have everything broken into chapters and scenes, using folders and pages (?) and I’m finding I have to click on each individual scene to get the formatting change to apply. Is there a way to do the entire thing at once?

In Scrivenings mode you can view more than one document at a time. Try Cmd-clicking on two scene files in the binder, and then using View/Scrivenings to switch from corkboard view. You should see the two scene files stacked together, and if you hit Cmd-A to select them both and use the multiple space conversion tool, they should both be fixed at once. Now just extend that theory to the entire Draft. Click on the Draft folder with Scrivenings mode turned on, and you’ll be able to clean up the whole thing in one shot.

It worked perfectly! Thanks.