Changing the Table of content title

I’ve very recently started using Scrivener and am compiling my first book and, as any good Windows user, I am struggling with the Table of content.

After messing about for a bit a found a satisfactory way of creating one (Basically, adding a pagebreak at the end of each file on the separators tab makes the automatic table of content include every scene as a chapter)

My problem is that is that the table of contents is titled itself as “Contents” and that would be fine if the book didn’t happen to be in Spanish.

Is there any way of changing that?

All I want is to type something else where it says “contents” everything else is perfectly fine.

Edit (Forgot to mention important information): I compiled it to .mobi using kindlegen

Thank you very much and my apologies for any mistakes in my English.

I found a working solution… I am posting it here in case someone else finds himself in a similar situation.

My solution:

1 Instead of compiling it to .mobi do it to an .epub
2 Change the extension to .zip manually
3 Unzip
4 look for the “Contents” xhtml file in the OPS folder
5 Open it with notepad
6 Look for something that looks like this (Should be close to the begining)


7 change the Contents to whatever you want (leave the and alone) 8 save 9 rezip 10 change the extension back to.epub manually 11 upload to amazon

It worked ok on the previewer (both online and on the desktop version) and all the links remained clickable.