Changing the title colour in Outliner mode


I’m trying to set up a dark-background theme for Scrivener for Mac OS X.

I’ve played around with all settings in the Appearance and Formatting parts of the Preferences pane, but can’t figure out a way to change the colour of Outliner titles, which are currently the same colour as the outliner background! Any ideas how I can do this?

Just so you know, I’ve clicked on the button to change the Outliner title font under Appearances (above the “Customizable Colors” section) but, although it allows me to change the font itself, and the size, when I click on the gear wheel and change the color to off-white, nothing changes in the Outliner screen. To me, this suggests there is another setting somewhere which is over-riding my changes, but I have no idea where that setting is, unfortunately - quite frustrating!

If anyone can help, I’d be very grateful! :slight_smile:

You aren’t missing anything, there is no control for setting the foreground colour in Outliner (it’s a bit more complicated than just text, as this would have to impact all of the available controls found in the optional columns, too). If there was an option it would be in the “Customizable Colors” section, below. This will be improved in future version.

OK, thanks - I’ll look forward to that future version! :slight_smile: In the meantime, I’ve just chosen another dark-ish background colour for the outliner.