Changing Values of Multiple Scrivenings in Outline Mode

Hi. I am new to Literature and Latte. I discovered Scrivener last week and bought a copy right away. I love the program. However, I have one feature request:

In Outline View, I’d like to be able to assign values to multiple Scrivenings at once. For instance, I’d like to select multiple scrivenings and change all their statuses to First Draft. Unfortunately, the way the program works now, I can select multiple scrivenings but once I try to change the value of a column, the program deselects the other scrivenings.

Anyway, it’'s a minor quibble to a great program.



It’s not immediately obvious, but you can have your wish.

Just select multiple items in outline or card view, then right (or control) click to bring up the contextual menus for labels and status.The submenus will affect all selected documents and folders.
(n.b. In card view label pins or status stamps must first be visible for this to work)

Cheers and welcome to the board


Thanks for answering this one, Eiron. Yes, Eiron is right - although it’s not possible to change multiple values by using the pop-up menu in the row itself (because that is built-in to reset the row selection), you can use the contextual (ctrl-click) menu to achieve exactly what you want.