Chaning Email on Title Page

I would like to change the email address that auto-populates in the title screen when I compile my manuscripts. How do I do that? How would I change my home address?


Wild guess, dredged up from dim memories:
If in the template a line appears like this: <$=email>
That’s calling the address set either in your browser or System: Accounts settings

Instead of letting the template call the shots,
You could just add a title page of your own after compiling.

Customise Author and Address Details
You can now tell Scrivener which Contacts/Address Book entry to use when adding your name and address to title pages by typing “(Scrivener:UseMe)” somewhere in the “note” area of the contact you wish Scrivener to use in Contacts/Address Book.

Unless you customise it, as Briar Kit points out how to do, all of this information will be acquired from the main system address card, which was created for you when you registered the Mac. You’ll find it by opening Contacts (Address Book in older versions of Mac OS X) and using the Card/Go to My Card menu command. As said though, if this is just a public address or you are wanting to use a pseudonym without messing up the system card, you can use the (Scrivener:UseMe) trick. Just create a new card and make sure that phrase is in the “note” area.

Thanks, updating the Contacts Card worked. What was odd was that it was fine prior to me upgrading to Mavericks.

Thanks again.

Is this the same for Windows 10?