Chapter 2 Compiled with 'Chapter 3' title in ToC

Win 7; updated Scrivener; compiling to .mobi file;

In the Kindle previewer program (and on Kindle) the ToC reads: Chapter 1, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, etc.
Chapter 2 Scenes are under Chapter 3, 3 scenes under 4, etc. (Chapter 1 is OK.)

On the right side of the screen in the General Metadata box, all Chapter folders ‘Include in Compile’ boxes checked; (Label drop-down ‘Chapter’ and Status drop-down ‘Done’ selected);

Compile ‘Contents’: Folders and scenes all checked to Print; Page Break Before check box on Chapter folders all checked; ‘Separators’: Folder related Separators all three say ‘Single Return’. (Text Separator, ‘***’);
‘Formatting’: Level 1, Level 1+, Level 1+, Level 2, with ‘text’ checked only on Level 2.

That’s everything I can think of that might be suspect. It appears to be set the same as in the other books I’ve written and compiled for .mobi files. What am I missing here? Ah, I might mention that this was the first book I wrote when I first got Scrivener. Still learning the thing, but have a better handle on it, now.

Is there anything in the ebook itself, in the text, between the end of chapter 1 and the title chapter 3?

Nope. And just to make certain, I’ll check again before I fire this into the ether… Nope, at the end of chapter 1 is some white space to the bottom of the scene;
After a half-page of white space on the next page, Chapter 2 begins, but with the mysterious title, “Chapter 3”.


I’d run a project search for “<$n>”. Sounds like there might be a stray one in your text somewhere.

Huzzah! Now how did that little darlin’ get into the body of… ah, malfunction in the operator… operator headspace, as a guy I worked for used to call 'em.

Thank you Ma’am, that was a most excellent thing you’ve done.


I had the same problem! Thanks for the explanation, I also don’t understand how two “<$n>” appeared in a chapter of my text!

Most likely you accidentally used the Insert ▸ Auto-Number ▸ 1 2 3 4 5... menu command.