Chapter auto numbering jumps. After Chapter 13 goes Chapter 17


chapters as folders in binder

after compile

Check the Section Layouts for the sub-sections of Chapter 13. This looks like they are mistakenly using the same numbering sequence as their parent.


Yes, it was the first thing i checked. sub-sections are structure-based. I even deleted these folders and copy-pasted the text. Chapter 17 still goes after 13.

Just thinking out loud—could it be that there’s page breaks in the three text files therefore removal/adjustment is necessary? When the files were copied, the breaks could’ve been included.

How can I detect page breaks? What option to check? Show invisibles or something else

Show invisibles. A page break looks like a vertical bar. – Katherine

This might help:

  1. CMD F

  2. Right click in Find and choose Insert > Page Break

Slàinte mhòr.

Update on the strange case of chapter 13

  • No page breaks
  • I moved whole book folder to new scrivener document.
  • Created new compile setting

And chapter 17 still goes after 13

How it is even possible? :open_mouth:

Have you opened a support ticket? I’d need to look at the project to see what might be going on.