Chapter Breaks


I was wondering if it was possible for Scrivener to automatically separate my imported document into chapter breaks?

I have a novel that I have done in Word and want to import into Scrivener for editing. Seeing as the concept of Scrivener is to work in smaller chunks how can I break up my imported novel into each chapter without having to manually copy and paste each chapter as a new section in the binder?

Help with this would be great. If it’s not possible to do, what would be the best way for me to go about splitting my document I’ve imported?

Many thanks,


You’re looking for “Import & Split” under File->Import, which lets you search for the same set of characters and split on them. For instance, if every chapter starts with “CHAPTER” followed by a number, you can specify that word, and it will split into a new file in the binder every time it encounters it.

If you just want to import the whole thing first and split as you go, you can split it by using Documents->Split. The keyboard shortcuts for the two options there let you avoid navigating the menu every time you split.

That’s great, thanks for your speedy reply, this has solved my problem :slight_smile: