I’ve searched through the previous posts and haven’t found an answer; I hope I’m not double posting.

As far as I can tell, all of my compile settings are correct. But when I compile (no matter the format, but my primary for printing right now is PDF) my document ends up saying CHAPTER for the first folder, CHAPTER ONE for the second, and so on. This is inaccurate as the first folder is the first chapter.

All of the folders are lined up equally as level 1 folders. The compile formater has level 1 folders showing


Which comes out properly except that the first level 1 folder is only reading CHAPTER.

If I put an empty folder above my chapter 1 folder and compile it shows:

(empty because the folder is empty, page break:)


Which is what I want it to look like, technically. The only problem here is that it starts numbering on the CHAPTER page as opposed to the CHAPTER ONE page. The only way I see around this at the moment is to not compile my title page, start with the CHAPTER page, and select “don’t number 1st page”. This DOES work, I would just throw away the CHAPTER page before sending (or start printing on page 2). If nothing fixes this, than this will be my answer. (I could also compile to .doc and manually change each chapter heading, but … annoying.) However, I kinda feel like this shouldn’t be happening, and I want the software to work properly without forcing me to make changes after the fact.


Here is a description of the bug and current workaround.

You are fantastic, thanks! I’m trying it now!

This worked perfectly. Thanks Amber!