Chapter count when compiling box sets

I like to use the “CHAPTER ONE” feature for compiling, so it automatically creates the chapter numbers and includes them in the contents. It works well with single books but becomes a problem as soon as I try to create box sets with multiple books in one file. because then, the first chapter in Book2 doesn’t start with “1” but with e.g. “21” and the first chapter in Book3 then starts with “41”, and so on. Is there some sort of “chapter break” option or sth, so that I can choose where the chapters start counting with “1” again?

Assuming each book has a folder of its own (with “book” section type for example), you’d need to place a reset for the chapter numbers in that folder’s section layout/title options. It would be <$rst_n> in a simple case where the chapter numbers are <$n>.

Or, you can simply insert <$rst_W> at the very end of each book’s text content. (This way you don’t have to create a section type + section layout solely for the containing folder.)


P.S. Chapter ONE, TWO, THREE etc is <$W>, not <$n>

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Or at the beginning of each chapter’s text content, or in the parent folder text, or … many options … but I think putting it in the parent folder layout is cleanest.

No… → You’d end up with a whole book of chapter one-s
And even doing it only for the first chapter of each book wouldn’t work either : only chapter two would then be affected and become a second chapter “ONE” (the real chapter one would actually be “chapter FORTHY-SEVEN” or whatever – cascading +1 whatever the number of the last chapter of the previous book was), chapter three would become “chapter TWO”, chapter four would become “chapter THREE” and so on…

Sorry. I meant at the beginning of each book’s content.

But that’s also wrong, on second thought.

So long as it is inserted somewhere before and outside of the chapter one document or folder, and , of course, in a document that is marked as to be included at compile, yes.

No need then to do anything for the first book of the boxset.
Or, if you choose to insert it at the end of each book (which is less submitted to errors on the user’s end in my opinion), no need, in that case, to insert anything at the end of the very last book.

Putting it in a parent (book) folder is cleaner.