Chapter cursor location

I have setup my Binder using Chapter names to allow me to select random chapters.
The issue I am having is when I select various chapters in the binder the cursor often appears at a place within the chapter not at the beginning.
Is there a way to have the chapter open with the cursor at the beginning so I don’t have to scroll up?


I think those chapters are opening up where you last left the cursor in them. When you are going back into a doc the pick work that is probably just what you want — to have your place remembered.

But when I am flipping around I am often in the same position you are. I know if no pref setting that would make it the case that when you click on a document in the binder it scrolls-top automatically. And for the reason just adumbrated, you probably would not want that exactly.

The closest thing to a built in solution is just the key command in Sciv which scrolls the editor pane to the top. I found when I tried to use this regularly, I often scrolled the Binder to the top inadvertently, because it still had focus. So, I used Keyboard Maestro to make that same key command do two things, first move the focus to the editor pane and then scroll top.

Anyway that was the solution I came to.

Thanks for the response ‘gr’.
Your assumptions are correct.
Unfortunately, in my writing style I often reread chapters for continuity and it’s a royal pain to have to scroll to the top.
Devising a shortcut seems to be the only alternative.