Chapter disappeared?

I wrote about 1500 words in a document. About twelve hours later, my computer died, but not before I saved the edits to the text. Twelve hours later, when I opened it, the contents of the chapter have completely disappeared. Nothing else has disappeared in my project, but I cannot seem to get this chapter back. I checked in the backup file and it isn’t there either.

If the file was open when the computer had a hard shutdown, it could have been corrupted. You could try looking within the Files\Docs folder in the project’s .scriv folder to see if you can find the numbered RTF for the file and check whether it has contents. (You may be able to view it straight in the preview pane in Windows Explorer, depending on your version of Windows; if you open it in another program, be sure to close it without saving to avoid overwriting any Scrivener-specific coding.) If it exists but just uses the wrong file name or if it’s the binder file that was damaged and reverted to an earlier version, it may just be that the text isn’t showing in the project but is still safe and sound. You could also try using the Windows search tool to look for a key phrase within the missing text and see if you can dig up any results that way.

If you have Windows backups enabled, you may also be able to recover an earlier version of the file, given that it was a while after creating and saving the file before the crash occurred. Make a backup of the whole project folder first (right-click the .scriv folder and choose “Send to \ Compressed (zipped) folder”), then follow the steps for restoring a previous version: … -questions. If the whole project had gone unedited for the 12 hours before the crash, you can probably just restore the entire folder rather than trying to restore just the single file, which should be easier.