Chapter disappeared!

Hi, lately I went into my draft today (I’ve been working on it every day), and noticed one of my scenes was gone. I have no idea where it’s gone, it just disappeared from my list. I noticed this happened a couple of days ago with another scene too. Luckily that scene just had notes in it and I hadn’t started writing it yet.

I’ve looked everywhere.

It’s not in the trash.

Is there anywhere I can check/look???

Please tell me it’s not gone forever…it was thousands of words long…

Hi bren. Is is possible that the missing item accidentally got moved and became a sub-item of something else? Or got merged into something else? Scrivener gives you great tools for organizing and re-organizing, and every once in awhile it’s possible to do some of it by accident!

Do you use File->Save As to create copies occasionally? If so, have you looked in one of those?

Hi Gary here
I just spent a couple hours going through every sub item. I too loss a chapter of work. It just disappeared. Need help to recover. it is not in sub items or attached to any of my other 20+ chapters Please?

Gary again
I forgot to tell you the chapter disappeared as i was working on it. I had checked the spelling of a word when i went back to the chapter the title was there but the page was blank???

Gary, I have occasionally caused things like this by accidentally hitting Ctrl+A (= Select All) and then hitting Enter or something, so that whatever I type replaces the entire selected text. Undo (Ctrl+Z, or Edit menu > Undo) gets it back. I hope it is not too late to try that–Scrivener, in my experience, has an extraordinarily high-functioning Undo.

Scrivener also makes regular backups. Go to the Tools menu > Options > Backup to find where they are stored. Hopefully a recent one of those will have most of your missing text.

Bren, that might work for you too!