Chapter gone! Help!


I was writing. I saved. I then highlighted what I wrote to get a word count. I went in Edit menu then Insert then hit something I don’t know what, and my life is ending. Everything that I wrote today for three hours disappeared and the only thing there is this: $WC.

My God My God My God, what did I do? How could this happen? Being dead is bad but being alive and losing your work is way worse. Cancer is better. Please please please help? Can I go back to the save that I did moments before I hit that key?

Did you try Edit --> undo?

It looks like you inserted the word count based on your use of edit --> insert. an undo should get it

As noted, you can undo anything done in the text editor, so if you select everything and replace it with a code that can be undone so long as you haven’t closed the entire project and re-opened it.

Just for future reference, you don’t have to do anything special to get a word count for a selection of text. Next time you try, note that the footer bar text will change to blue. This indicates that the current selection is being counted. When you click to dismiss the selection it will go back to black text, which will count all of the text in the editor at that time (thus, ordinarily you wouldn’t need to select anything to get a section count, it’s just there as you type).