Chapter headers

I’m new to Scrivener, and I apologize in advance if this has been covered somewhere, but I haven’t been able to find the information in Scrivener Help or in this Forum. Here’s what I would like to know:

Is there a way to add pre-formatted CHAPTER folders in Novel Format? That is, is there a way to do so without copying the header from the original CHAPTER header, adding a New Folder, pasting the CHAPTER header into the text box of this new folder, then changing the New Folder’s name to CHAPTER? (This doesn’t include changing the Label, Status, etc.)

I’m a working novelist, and I’m coming to Scrivener with a 10,000-word work-in-process that I’m trying to split into its pre-existing chapters.


If I am understanding you correctly here is what I do.

I set up a folder as a “template” and set all my formating etc.
I then Set up a document inside the folder and do the smae thing (formatting, styles etc.)

Then what I do is RIght click (control + click for one button mouse) on the said folder then select DUPLICATE.

Now I have two “templates”

I now highlight both folders and repeat the process and I now have four.

Again and I have 8

Again and I have 16

I use each Folder as a “Chapter” and name them accordingly. Inside the Folder I set the heading and the formatting is already there because it was duplicated from my “master folder”

If that makes any sense?

Yes, as Wock says, for now, use Documents > Duplicate.

The next update has a document templates feature, so you would just be able to go to Documents > New From Template > [e.g. Chapter Folder] to create a new chapter folder. But for now, just select the chapter folder and hit cmd-D. That will do what you want.

All the best,

PERFECT! That did the trick. Thanks so much. That will save me a lot of cutting and pasting and box-ticking.

Thanks, Keith. Very good to know. I’ll look forward to that when I start my next new project (from scratch). Best, Dan