chapter heading at the bottom of the page


I usually use Scrivener to write fiction, but now I also use it to write papers when needed, because Scrivener is so much better at handling larger texts and I just find it so useful to have my research and text in the same program.
Overall, I am just in love with this software.
But now that I am compiling, I came across a minor inconvenience: my headings.

I assigned my section types and formats the way I wanted them to be, and I am working with the MLA formatting.
Basically I have file groups as chapters and each subdocument is a text section without title.
Everything worked fine, but now I occasionally find my chapter headings to either be split over 2 pages (starts at the bottom of the page and continues on the next page) or my heading ends up on the bottom of the page with no (or barely any) text underneath, and it looks very unprofessional.
I fixed it by exporting to Word first and fixing the lay-out there, but I am looking for a way to do this directly. This paper is rather small, so it’s doable, but I have a large dissertation to write in the future and I’d rather not have to go back-and-forth between Scrivener and Word to fix my lay-out.
I feel like there is an easy solution that I am overlooking right now, but I just can’t find it.

What I am looking for is a way to use my ‘chapter headings’ without adding a page break EVERY time, but only if the heading is split over two pages. I don’t know how, but Word usually pushes the heading to the next page automatically when that happens. So that is basically what I am looking for.
If that doesn’t exist and it is too problematic to add it to the request list, that is okay. I just feel like I am missing an obvious feature of Scrivener?

Thanks for the kind words! Great to hear you’re finding Scrivener so useful.

For your titles, what you will want to do is use “Keep with Next”, which can be found under Format > Paragraph. (This can be used in the text editor or when setting up Section Layouts in Compile.) This will ensure that the title paragraph is kept together with the paragraph that follows it, so that titles are never left behind on the previous page.

You mentioned that sometimes the title is only followed by a single line at the end of the page. I’m afraid there is no way of fixing that in Scrivener, because that would require something called “widow and orphan” control, which Scrivener doesn’t have (it’s something I looked into but it is a surprisingly complex printing task).

All the best,

Thank you so much! This is exactly what I needed.